Welcome to Episode 5 of the Cancer Companion Podcast!

Have you ever been kept a cancer journal? Some people find that having space to put down their innermost thoughts and feelings is really helpful.

Unlike a support group or forum, a journal is completely private. You don’t have to pretend to feel a certain way, or worry about finding the best words to explain yourself. Instead, you can be totally open and honest. As you navigate the stressful and emotional parts of the cancer journey, having this kind of space can help you to process what you’re going through.


On this week’s episode:

  • We chat about cancer journaling and explore the science behind it. We also review some feedback from our community about the benefits of cancer journaling and discuss some tips for getting started with your own journal.
  • We follow up with Androulla Pieri about her cancer experience and ask her what advice she’d give to other cancer patients.
  • We summarise the key cancer headlines from the past week.


Background reading:

  • We wrote about keeping a cancer journal last week – and we’ve included lots of handy tips to help get you started on your own journal. 

Cancer Support Map

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