Care is an important part of the cancer journey. As symptoms, side effects, and treatment regimens unfold, it can be good to have a little extra help. We know that many of you are carers – looking after friends and loved ones with cancer. And while being a carer is rewarding and important, we also know that it can be overwhelming at times.

If you’re thinking about finding care for a parent or loved one, tune in for tips and advice about how to find the best in cancer care.

On this week’s episode:

  • We speak with Daniel Pike, co-founder of SuperCarers – a wonderful company that pairs families with high-quality carers. I ask Daniel about when to start looking for professional care, and the right questions to ask throughout the process.
  • Amanda Luke, a breast cancer patient from the UK, tells us about her recent diagnosis and how she’s coping with treatment so far.
  • We round up the key cancer headlines from the week.

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