We’ve searched high and low across the internet to find the best cancer bloggers out there – and brought them together in our brand new Live Better With Blogger Community, to share their real life stories, advice, and tips for other people going through cancer.

This month, we asked our blogger experts to tell us their thoughts on going through cancer during Christmas.

Saving your energy for what really matters

First up in our Blog Community Roundup, we have the lovely Heather’s Hangout. Heather is based in the USA, and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at age 21. Almost 2 decades later (!), she writes about her experiences of chemo, surgery, and living with the after effects of cancer and treatment – as well as a whole host of other topics like cancer advocacy, fundraising through sport, and living live to its fullest.

Here’s a snippet from Heather’s super helpful holiday-themed piece, 5 Tips For Enjoying Christmas During Cancer – we love her common-sense, reassuring attitude to the festive season.

Heather's Hangouts cancer blog

Embracing the season

Mike writes about his wife Bobbi’s experience since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at Bobbi’s Battle. Each post is a touching snapshot of their life together, happy moments, frustrations, treatments, and all. By writing honestly and openly, Mike not only shines a light on his wonderful wife and their incredible relationship, but he also gives us an idea of how cancer affects those whose loved ones are ill. His most recent article on Bobbi and Mike’s attitude to the holidays was truly wonderful to read.  Here’s a small extract:

Bobbi's Battle cancer blog

An alternative Christmas Carol

Next up, we have Daniel Jackson, who blogs over at IGoggle.  Dan was 34 when he was diagnosed with cancer of the ethmoid sinus (between the eye and the nose). After countless surgeries and the removal of his eye, he’s now a campaigner for awareness and understanding of facial cancer, disfigurement and facial difference. His story is incredible, and his positive energy and sense of humour shine through in his writing.

Christmas is a pretty special time of year for Dan for a few reasons – so he put his story down in words as an alternative rendering of Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”. Check out the full piece on Daniel’s blog.

Dan Jackson cancer blog

Christmas through a child’s eyes

When Florence Strang was diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing chemo, she decided to try and look on the bright side in quite a drastic way: she was going to find (and write about) 100 good things about having cancer. 5 years later, her blog The Perks of Having Cancer has inspired people across the world, and Florence has not only published a book on the subject, but even given a TED talk on being a cancer survivor.

In her Christmas blog entry, Florence reminisces on Christmases past, and how her cancer experience changed how she viewed the holidays.

Florence Strang cancer blog

Coping with events and big occasions

Finally, we’ve published our own guide to coping with cancer at the holidays. With input from the cancer community and online experts, our writer Emily has put together some advice on coping with big family meals, staying on top of your treatment over Christmas, and dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions during the holiday period.

Here’s a snippet, or read the full Guide To Special Occasions And Big Events.

Cancer and Christmas

That’s all for this month’s round-up! We hope you enjoyed getting to know some of our Blogger Community – please do track them down on social media and let them know you rated their writing as much as we do.

If you have a blog or make videos about your experiences with cancer, we’d love you to join our Blogger Community! Drop me an email at emily@livebetterwith.com for more details – I’d be thrilled to hear from you.