Meet Amanda Luke, our fabulous headwear model from Staffordshire

Earlier this year, we made the exciting decision to design and create our very own bamboo headwear range made especially for women who have lost their hair from cancer treatment.

From the design to the price, our bamboo hats were entirely inspired by our cancer community, so when it came to finding a model, we knew that we wanted to work with someone who had actually experienced hair loss themselves: Enter breast cancer patient Amanda Luke from Staffordshire, England.

We had previously interviewed Amanda for our Cancer Companion podcast in the spring and thought she would be perfect to model our headwear range.

“When you asked me to model for you I was so overwhelmed that you asked me and I felt really privileged and special,” Amanda told us. “It put me on a real high, I phoned all my family and friends as soon as I heard and couldn’t stop smiling, it left me buzzing for days.”

So with her mother in tow, Amanda headed to our London office for a glam photoshoot.

“The shoot was amazing, as I had never done anything like that before it was a bit daunting but everyone put me at ease and made me feel really relaxed and I felt part of your team for the day.  It was the most amazing experience ever.  I love how you have used a real person who has cancer for your shoot.”

bamboo hats
FLOWER POWER: The gorgeous Rose Bamboo Hat is available in three colours

Amanda continued: “The experience has left me on a real high and something good has come out of my diagnosis, it was amazing trying all the different hats on and they look amazing and I am so happy that you gave me some of these as well as I feel I look really glamorous in them.

“This has boosted my confidence as it just goes to show you can still look fab with no hair and look great.”

PRETTY BOW: We have five lovely shades available in the Bow Bamboo Hat

We’re so glad that Amanda loved wearing our hats as we worked very hard to make them perfect. We know how important headwear can be during cancer treatment, which is why we selected for comfort and quality instead of relying on itchy fabric blends. Our  bamboo hats are made with 95% bamboo with a touch of elastane which gives a luxurious, super soft feel with a natural fit. Bamboo is an excellent organic fabric choice; it is very soft and also quick to absorb moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable. Bamboo hats can be worn all year round as they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

A feminine and oh so stylish design, they’re easy to wear and can be put on in seconds – no faffing around with ties or loops!