Losing your hair doesn’t have to mean losing your confidence. Nowadays there’s a wide range of fabulous headwear, in a variety of different styles, colours and materials, that will help to protect your scalp and keep you feeling comfortable and looking beautiful. 

We take a look at some popular options for chemo headwear, from stylish headscarves and turbans, to gorgeous bamboo hats and comfy beanies.


Bamboo hats

When you’re going through hair loss as a result of chemo treatment, your head and scalp can become dry, sensitive and itchy, and you’re more likely to experience extremes of hot and cold.  

Bamboo is an ideal material for chemo headwear, as it’s naturally super-soft, antibacterial and moisture-wicking, making it perfect for sensitive skin and scalps. Bamboo also has thermoregulating properties, which means it can help to regulate your temperature by keeping your head cool in hot weather, and offering insulation when conditions are cooler.        

We’re passionate about the benefits of bamboo, so we’ve created our own range of gorgeous bamboo hats as part of our Live Better With chemo headwear range.

Live Better With 3 Roses Bamboo Hat 


Our bamboo hats come in a wide choice of styles and colours. Our popular 3 Roses Bamboo Hat has an elegant ruched style, with 3 beautiful rose appliques. Meanwhile, our classic and practical Men’s Bamboo Hat is perfect for men who are experiencing chemo related hair loss. 


Live Better With Men's Bamboo Hat - shop here


Beanie hats can help to keep your head warm and comfortable, both indoors and outdoors. 

Made from 100% cotton, which is comfy and breathable, Bold Beanies can be worn on their own or as an extra layer under a woolly hat or helmet. Try the gorgeous Bold Beanies Women’s Liberty Print Beanie, or the smart and cosy Bold Beanies Men’s Beanie


Bold Beanies Women’s Liberty Print Beanie -shop here


Meanwhile, for those chillier days, the Aroma Home Knitted Heated Woolly Hat is a soft beanie made from lambswool and acrylic, with an added extra - two reusable click and heat gel packs to help keep your head feeling warm and cosy.

Headscarves and scarf hats

Wearing a headscarf can be a very stylish and flattering option for people experiencing chemo-related hair loss. They come in a wide range of stunning patterns and designs, which can help add a bit of extra colour and vibrancy to your day.

Live Better With Silk Chemo Scarf with Bamboo Headband - shop here 


The most popular materials for headscarves are cotton and silk, which are soft and comfortable to wear. The Live Better With Silk Chemo Scarf with Bamboo Headband combines a gorgeous, flowing silk scarf with a soft and moisture-wicking bamboo headband, for an extra secure and comfortable fit - without the need to learn any complicated tying techniques! 

Meanwhile, our 100% cotton headscarves are soft, breathable and lightweight and come in a range of colours and patterns.  

Scarf hats consist of a soft hat made from jersey cotton and an interlaced chiffon scarf. The beautiful Chemotherapy Headwear Scarf Hats range can be styled in a number of different ways depending on the occasion and your mood!



Turbans offer a secure and comfortable option for dealing with chemo hair loss. They fit on the head like a hat, and often include a slot to thread in a scarf of your own, so you can add a touch of individual style. 

HipHeadwear turban 


The HipHeadwear turban is a lightweight one piece jersey wrap with tie extensions, which is great for helping you to feel cool and comfortable on warmer days.  

Meanwhile, the Twist and Tie Wraparound Turban offers security and comfort with a touch of elegance. It comes in a choice of gorgeous colours, and offers a range of tying options, so you can add shape and volume and achieve a variety of different looks.  



Sleep hats

Many people with chemo hair loss find that their heads get particularly cold at night. 

Wearing a soft sleep hat can help to keep you warm and comfortable, as well as helping to reduce itchiness by containing any hair that may be lost during the night. 

Lucy Comfort Hat


The Lucy Comfort Hat from Chemotherapy Headwear is made from 100% jersey cotton, with an elasticated back to help keep you feeling snug and secure.  

View the full range of Live Better With recommended hats and headcovers here.


More information

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